WXC aerological diagram

Some pilots are accustomed to aerological output. This output is WXC enriched by certain elements.
Control is performed by pulling your finger across the time line and will change the graphical output or finger vertically, thus changing only the values ​​that appear in the navigation bar or the wind in the window on the desktop.
The diagram is added to the cloud as a colored rectangle that shows the power of cloud and percentages that appear in the left bottom of the rectangle.
At the bottom are then displayed arrow gust rectangle along with steady winds.
To differentiate the force gusts, it is important to perceive the difference between the value of a steady wind power (background) and the strength of the blast, which clearly shows the difference between the colors gusts and arrow background.
Dark Green...Wind power[m/s]
Light Green...Wind direction[°]
Purple...Relative Humidity[%]
Blue...Temperature of Dew point[°C]
Right Dashed...Unsaturated adiabat[°C]
Left Dashed...Same specific humidity[°C]
The energy available from which to estimate the strength and height of the thermal climb is then located between the line of convective temperature and ambient temperature. The menu can be turned on / off legend and relative humidity.
The selected page " Aerologic diagram"
Unsaturated adiabat [°C]
Line of the same specific humidity [°C]
Wind and gust of surface.
Direction of the wind [°]"
Temperature [° C]
Relative humidity [%]
Wind and gust of surface.
Power of wind [m/s]"
Temperature [°C]
Dew point[°C]