The Cumulus application is a weather forecast suitable for those who want to learn more about the atmosphere.
The application shows the atmosphere profile from the ground up to 12 km in height. Cloudiness shows unlimited.
High clouds may be, for example, in northern Brazil until 15 km
Vertical scale is logarithmic and can be easily adjusted with two fingers.

The "Cumulus" application shows some common and less known variables.
Wind, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, rainfall, vdušné vertical currents, KKH, isotherm, types of cloud ...

List of application properties:
Vertical dimension profiles, visualized by color curve and semi-transparent area.
Theoretical convection condensation level where clouds can form.
Zero isotherm.
Animation of day-to-day development.
High, medium and low clouds.
It distinguishes 12 basic types of clouds (Stratus, Cirrus ... etc).
This shows clearly and schematically, including cloud dimensions and thicknesses and percentages.
Clicking on the cloud symbol will display a description and link to the wiki.
The application furthermore shows vertical air flow such as inversion or ascending thermal flow and their strength and turbulence.
Basic data on the length and layout of the solar day.
5 Day Forecast.
The application downloads its forecast every 6 hours.
Weather can be selected for almost all countries.
It contains basic locations and airports but can be chosen for any destination from any map or coordinates.
Watched locations can be sorted by name or popularity.
The application contains a description of individual elements and controls.
You can select a location either from the list or by dragging your finger from left to right and vice versa.

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